Two story house in: El Espinar, Estación, Segovia

Two story house in: El Espinar, Estación, Segovia

Two story house in: El Espinar, Estación, Segovia

Calle Cantalejo, Estación de El Espinar, El Espinar, Castilla y León, 40410, España

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It is a two-story house. On the ground floor is the 35m2 living room, with a wooden covered outdoor porch, kitchen / dining room, wide hallway and entrance hall, shower room and garage.

The windows are made of aluminum carpentry and high watertightness.
On the upper floor there are 4 bedrooms, one of them en suite.
On the rear facade there is a 40m2 warehouse
The heating is oil with underfloor heating throughout the house, with installation guaranteed for 50 years and individual control for each room.
All bedrooms have large fitted wardrobes.

The floors are made of high quality refractory brick on the ground floor and parquet on the upper floor.
The house has telephone and fiber optic installation.
The plot is fully landscaped and cared for by a professional gardener, it has ten old registered pines.

The house is located in an urbanization 3 km from the A6 motorway, which is separated by a lush pine forest.

The highway allows you to reach the center of Madrid in 40 minutes by car or by the high frequency and comfortable public bus and train service.
The house is located in an enclave of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park and in an area declared by international organizations as a Biosphere Reserve.

In the area there are schools, supermarkets and a Health Center

Floor Plans

Two story house in: El Espinar, Estación, Segovia


4 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms


Spectacular It is a two-story house with 1460 m/2 of jarden

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